domingo, 12 de junho de 2011

English :)

When i write in English i feel free...
Some say that my English is kind of American but i thinks its the same. Why am i writting in English, you all wonder. I guess that when i write in english i feel that i can write whatever i want and whatever i feel like, for instance i prefer saying "i love you" than saying "eu amo-te", don't ask me cus the answer will be "i dunno why :o".
Lets talk about people: when i think about this word, people, i think about greed and the bad things that come with it. Maybe the world as we know will be better without people. Maybe it could just be you and me, side by side, looking at eachother, could it be like that?? Yeah it could, in my dreams. Yesterday i dreamt about you and it was nice, i was expecting for it to never end but regretably it did. I wish i could have that dream over and over again just to have one more time by my side, cus when youre not, my mind gets hidden on those thoughts that i thoroughly remember of you. I remember of every single shape of your face... Could we be together again? Please answer me, i wanna and i ought to know. You  are a better person than me and im not expecting for you forgiveness but please talk with me again.

With all love that there can be, yours truely, Manel Moreira

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